Nelson Garcia-Narvaez

I was born in Venezuela, and I was brought up with Salsa and Merengue, this is why I believe that all Venezuelans have it in their blood, because it is part of Latin American culture.  Many people may not know that there are many different rhythms and styles of Salsa, there is Cuban, New Yorking , LA and others, I may be biased but I believe that the Latin American is the most sensual of all, because there is so much body contact.

Growing up I practised with friends many steps, and could not wait to be invited to parties, I also arranged many dinner parties and charity events, which always revolved around Salsa.  Disco‚Äôs and clubs alike played Salsa, and there was always a great sense of competition between everybody. Because of this I started entering competitions, at the age of twenty two, I came first in two competitions, once in Margarita Island and also Caracas, these were not professional competitions as such, but with most of the people dancing Salsa so well it was definitely an honour to be a winner. 

Even now when I listen to Salsa or Merengue, it awakens all my senses and I just want to dance and have the time of my life, just as the song saes. I am a professional person and like everybody else, have to deal with pressure and stress, in this fast moving world. Dancing Salsa or Merengue is a great way for me to release that stress, and what a better way than doing something that I love so much. That is why I have started to teach people to dance so that they may also get the same benefits, and in return, this makes me extremely satisfied and happy when I see them enjoying themselves. 

Our Dancers and I  met a few year ago in Swansea, when I saw them dancing salsa and samba I knew that they would be the right people to start with SALSA TODAY. Since then we have danced at different public and private shows and are now teaching salsa at different venues around South Wales.